1993: Present and Future of Pan-Pacific Region: Role of Japan

The role of Japan is discussed, following the extensive diversified examinations of various Pan-Pacific issues.

TWU Jaw-yann (Nagoya University) presented “Regional Integration in the East Asia: Implication in Perspective” and discusses clearly the localized economic zone in East Asia (say, China) which is different from the expanding regionalism (say, EU). The fundamental differences between the two are supplemented by his discussant, Toshio WATANABA (Tokyo Institute of Technology).

Ippei YAMAZAWA (Hitotsubashi University) and Peter Drydale (Australian National University) presented the second keynote paper “Tasks Ahead for Asia Pacific Economies” and focuses on APEC and its difference from EC (now EU). Full-fledged institutional integration as seen in European Community is neither feasible nor necessary in Asia Pacific. It will be a loosely organized structure for a wide range of cooperative activities. All member economies who are committed jointly to the task of sustaining growth and cooperation will maintain their autonomy in economic policies in Asia Pacific.

Hiroshi BABA (Tokyo University) presents the third keynote paper “World Economy of fin de siecle (end-of-century) and Pacific Area” and discusses overaffluence in some advanced countries, as seen the fad of esthetics, diet, jogging, etc. in the context of appearing environmental constraints.