1. Membership eligibility

(1) Persons who work (or have worked) for an academic or research institution (typically a university)
(2) Graduate students who are enrolled in (or have graduated from) doctoral programs
(3) Researchers who work for companies or organizations
(4) Persons with research ability equivalent to (1), (2), or (3)

2. Application process

(1) If you want to apply to become a member of the JSIE, please fill out the Application Form, which is downloadable from the JSIE website, and send it to the headquarter office by post:

The headquarter office of the JSIE
c/o International Business Institute Co., LTD.
Tsukasa Building 3rd Floor,
Waseda, Tsurumaki-cho 518,  
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0041, JAPAN

(2) You need to ask a regular member of the JSIE to sign your application form as your recommender.
(3) Your application must be formally approved by the JSIE’s board meeting, which is held at the Annual and Spring meetings every year.
(4) After the formal approval of your membership, you will receive an invoice for the membership fee. Then, after the payment of the membership fee, you will receive JSIE’s journals and other materials from the society.

3. Membership fees

Annual membership fees of the JSIE are as follows:
Regular members: 9,000 yen
Student members: 3,000 yen

4. Membership period

The membership period of the JSIE follows the Japanese academic calendar (i.e., from April to March). Once you become a member of the JSIE, you will receive a payment slip for the membership fee in April every year.

5. Branches

There are three branches: Kanto (East), Chubu (Central), and Kansai (West). If you are a resident of Japan, your affiliated branch can be chosen according to the address of your workplace or home.

6. Notification of changes

Members of the JSIE can report any changes in their affiliation, address, and so on by filling out the Form of the Notification of Changes and sending it to the headquarter office.

7. Contact information

If you have any questions about the membership or the application process of the JSIE, please contact the headquarter office of the JSIE:

The headquarters secretariat
Banri Ito, Aoyama Gakuin University,
E-mail: head-office(a)jsie.jp
*Please replace “a” with “@” when you send the Email.