Program Morning Sessions (10:30-13:00)

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[Presentation: 25min; Comments; 15min, Replies and general discussion; 10min]

Session A Trade/Exchange (1) Chair : Sawako MARUYAMA (Kobe University)

A-1Choosing Between Multiple Preferential Tariff Schemes: Evidence from Japan's Import
Presenter : Taiyo YOSHIMI(Nanzan University)
Discussant : Kozo KIYOTA(Keio University)
A-2Tariff Scheme Choice
Presenter : Kazunobu HAYAKAWA(Institute of Developing Economies)
Discussant : Hiroshi MUKUNOKI(Gakushuin University)
A-3Machinery Production Networks and Tariff Evasion(E)
Presenter : Mateus Silva Chang (Keio University, Graduate Student)
Recommender : Fukunari KIMURA(Keio University)
Discussant : Eiichi TOMIURA(Hitotsubashi University)

Session B Trade/Exchange (2) Chair : Yasukazu ICHINO(Konan University)

B-1Rules of Origin and External Tariff in a Free Trade Agreement: A Case of Monopsony in Member Countries
Presenter : Yoshihiro MIZOGUCHI(Teikyo University)
Discussant : Yasukazu ICHINO(Konan University)
B-2Significance of John Methuen’s Commercial Treaty of December 1703
Presenter : Tetsuya KURATANI(Shikoku Junior College)
Discussant : Makoto AKAGI(Matsuyama University)
B-3Trade Creation Effects of Japan’s Free Trade Agreements
Presenter : Kenta YAMANOUCHI(Keio University)
Discussant : Banri ITO(Aoyama Gakuin University)

Session C China Chair : Osamu ISIDA(Kyusyu University)

C-1An Empirical Analysis on Interregional Specialization of Living-related Manufacturing Industries in China
Presenter : Qiuju ZHANG(Kagoshima University, Graduate Student)
Recommender : kazuya YAMAMOTO(Kagoshima University)
Discussant : Takuma KOBAYASHI(Matsuyama University)
C-2Hukou system and Income Gap in China
Presenter : Atsuji OHARA(University of Ngasaki)
Discussant : Shiping TONG(Dokkyo University)
C-3Will China's "One Belt One Way" Initiative open a new world economic order or only turn to be a peculiar variation of the Asian Economic Aids ?
Presenter : Shunichi ENOMOTO(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Discussant : Hongyong ZHANG(Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)

SessionD MNC/FDI (1) Chair : Hiroyuki NISHIYAMA (University of Hyogo)

D-1The Internationalization of Firms and Management Practices: A Survey of Firms in Vietnam(E)
Presenter : Isao KAMATA (Kobe University)
Discussant : Keisaku HIGASHIDA(Kwansei Gakuin University)
D-2Land Transportation Competitiveness and Location Advantage of Eurasia Central Zone
Presenter : Wu Yiliang(Nihon University)
Discussant : Terukazu SURUGA(Okayama Shoka University)
D-3Commitment, foreign ownership and multinational firms
Presenter : Yukiko Sawada(Osaka University) (J)
Discussant : Morihiro Yomogida(Sophia University)

SessionE Asia (1) Chair : Yumiko OKAMOTO (Doshisha University)

E-1Growth Enhancing Regionalism in the Southern Countries – Contrast Between the SADC and ASEAN(E)
Presenter : RAMIARISON HERY MAHOLISOA (Meiji University, Graduate Student)
Recommender : Naoaki KOBAYASHI(Meiji University)
Discussant : Yumiko OKAMOTO(Doshisha University)
E-2Generals in defense of allocation: Coups and military budget in Thailand(E)
Presenter : Akihiko KAWAURA(Doshisha University)
Discussant : Ichiroh DAITOH(Keio University)

*(E): Presentation in English
*(J):Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

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