Program Afternoon Sessions (14:15-16:45)

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  • Lunch(13:00~14:15)
  • Board Meeting(13:00~14:00) Room:H2A

[Presentation : 25min; Comments; 15min, Replies and general discussion; 10min]

Session F Asia (2) Chair : Kimihito SAKURAI(Rikkyo University)

F-1Myanmar's Cross-border Trade with China : Beyond Informal Trade
Presenter : Koji KUBO(Institute of Developing Economies)
Discussant : Manabu FUJIMURA(Aoyama Gakuin Uiversity)
F-2Structual Changes of Trade and International Division of Labor between China and ASEAN
Presenter : Yoshiaki MIYAJIMA(Hokkai-Gakuen University)
Discussant : Kazushi SHIMIZU(Kyushu University)
F-3Political Economy on the Formation of Welfare Policy in South Korea--- from the Relief Administraion to a Welfare State --- 
Presenter : Jo-seol KIM(Shinshu University)
Discussant : Myounghun Yoon(University of Kitakyushu City)

Session G Trade/Exchange (3) Chair : Kenzo HIROSE (Kwansei Gakuin University)

G-1Approximation by Weighted Arithmetic Mean of Weighted Geometric Average : Can Effective Exchange Rate Be Approximated without Function Calculator?
Presenter : Takeshi OGAWA(Senshu University)
Discussant : Taiyo YOSHIMI(Nanzan University)
G-2Wage Premium of Exporting Plants in Japan : Analysis on Matched Employer-Employee Data(E)
Presenter : Koji ITO(Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University)
Discussant : Tomohiko INUI(Gakushuin University)
G-3Trade and Labor Market Interactions Revisited
Presenter : Yasuhiro GINTANI(Kanto Gakuin University)
Discussant : Tomohiro ARA(Fukushima University)

Session H Environment Chair : Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)

H-1Dynamic Analysis of Pollution in a Small Open Economy
Presenter : Yasuhiro NAKAMOTO(Kansai University)
Discussant : Akihiko YANASE(Nagoya University)
H-2Product-Related Environmental Regulation and the Porter Hypothesis : Empirical Evidence from Malaysian and Vietnamese Firms
Presenter : Qizhong YANG(Osaka University, Graduate Student)
Recommender : Tsunehiro OHTSUKI(Osaka University)
Discussant : Naoto JINJI(Kyoto University)
H-3Compilation of MRIO based on SEEA
Presenter : Keiji UJIKAWA(Yokohama National University)
Discussant : Noboru MITSUDO(Matsuyama University(professor emeritus))

Session I MNC/FDI (2) Chair : Hiromu INOUE(Hannan University)

I-1Retail Global Expansion and Business Performance
Presenter : Norie YOKOI(Ryutsu Keizai University)
Discussant : Hiroshi AKABANE(Asia University)
I-2Transformation of the Intra-firm Trade Structure by Multi-national Enterprises in the United States
Presenter : Daisuke KOYAMA(University of Miyazaki)(J)
Discussant : Hidetoshi WATANABE(Shimane University)
I-3Global Management of Manufacturing in the Japanese Automotive Company and its Cooperation with Local Industrial Policies
Presenter : Tadahiro TAKENO(National University Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Discussant : Masahiko ITAKI(Ritsumeikan University)

*(E): Presentation in English
*(J):Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

  • Reception(17:00-18:30)
    Room:Himata Campus Bldg. 1st floor; Restaurant "Le Repas"



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