Afternoon Sessions (14:30-17:00)

[Presentation: 25min; Comments; 15min,and Replies and General Discussion; 10min]

You can download the full program as a PDF file (PDF)

Session E Environment・Free Trade Theory Chair : Muneyuki SAITO (Nara Prefectural University)

E-1Richard Cobden, and Free Trade, Peace Pursuit and Education
Presenter : Tetsuya KURATANI (Shikoku University, Junior College)
Discussant : Shigehiro NARUSE (Kanagawa University)
E-2Analysis of Environmental Inequality Influencing Factors in China Based on STIRPAT Model
Presenter : JuanJuan DAI(Saga University, Graduate Student)
Discussant : Hanmo JANG (Saga University)
E-3Importing Inputs for Climate Change Mitigation: The Case of Agricultural Productivity
Presenter : Akira SASAHARA (University of Idaho)
Discussant : Masahiro ENDOH (Keio University)

Session F Empirical Analysis of Trade II Chair : Eiichi TOMIURA (Hitotsubashi University)

F-1The Gravity Model and Trade in Intermediate Inputs
Presenter : Kozo KIYOTA (Keio University)
Discussant : Kazunobu HAYAKAWA (IDE−JETRO)
F-2Intermediate Goods-Skill Complementarity
Presenter : Yoshinori KUROKAWA (University of Tsukuba)
Discussant : Eiichi TOMIURA (Hitotsubashi University)
F-3Tariff Pass-Through in Wholesaling: Evidence from Firm-Level Data in Japan
Presenter : E. Kazunobu HAYAKAWA (IDE-JETRO)
Discussant : Kozo KIYOTA (Keio University)

Session G Empirical Analysis of Trade III Chair : Fukunari KIMURA (Keio University)

G-1Do Labor Clauses in Regional Trade Agreements Reduce the Trade Creation Effect? (E)
Presenter : Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)
Discussant : Toshiyuki MATSUURA (Keio University)
G-2FDI and Labor Market Dynamics in a Developing Country: Evidence from Indonesian Plan-Level Data (E)
Presenter : Toshiyuki MATSUURA (Keio University)
Discussant : Bin NI (Hosei University)
G-3Consistent Estimation of Peer Effects: Application to Korean Panel Data (E)
Presenter : Minjung PARK (Ewha Womans University)
Discussant : Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)

Session H Trade Theory Chair : Akihiko YANASE (Nagoya University)

H-1Productivity Improvements and Falling Trade Costs Revisited
Presenter : Yasuhiro NAKAMOTO (Kansai University)
Discussant : Yasukazu ICHINO (Ritsumeikan University)
H-2Unemployment in a Balassa-Samuelson Model with Heterogeneous Job Separations
Presenter : Taiyo YOSHIMI (Chuo University)
Discussant : Chikafumi NAKAMURA (Chuo University)
H-3Timing of Market Openings and Income Distribution
Presenter : Tatsuya ASAMI (Kobe University, Graduate Student)
Recommender : Yunfang HU (Kobe University)
Discussant : Ryoji OHDOI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Session I Agriculture of Developing Countries・International Finance Chair : Mototsugu FUKUSHIGE (Osaka University)

I-1Agro-Development, Agribusiness, and Premature Globalization: A Case of Palm Oil Commodity Chains in ASEAN Countries
Presenter : Kazuyuki IWASA (Kochi University)
Discussant : Hideki HAYASHIDA (Doshisha University)
I-2Agricultural Trade in the 21st Century and Developing Countries
Presenter : Tsukasa CHIBA (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
Discussant : Yasuhiko SEO (Chiba University)
I-3Global Capital Waves and Currency Crises
Presenter : Satoko OKUYAMA (Kanagawa University)
Discussant : Takekazu IWAMOTO (Kyoto University)

*(E): Presentation in English

*(J): Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

  • Reception (17: 20-18: 50)
  • Venue: "University Coop. Restaurant", on the west side of Eikokuji Campus


University of Kochi

The 9th Spring Meeting of The JSIE

Eikokuji Campus, University of Kochi

June 15, 2019


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