Host school:Tohoku Gakuin University

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Registration (9:30~15:00)

Morning Sessions (10:00~12:30)
[Presentation: 25min; Comments; 15min,and Replies and General Discussion; 10min]

The program (PDF)

Session A International Trade (Theory)

Chair: Taiji FURUSAWA(University of Tokyo)

Room L603
A-1 Strategic export decisions in international trade
Presenter:Kazuhiro TAKAUCHI (Kansai University)
Discussant:Taiji FURUSAWA(University of Tokyo)
A-2 Do Quality Regulations Enhance Welfare? A Comment on Gaigne and Larue (2016)
Presenter:Dao-Zhi ZENG (Tohoku University)
Discussant:Tadashi MORITA (Kindai University)
A-3 Environmental Technology Transfer under Fiscal Competition
Presenter:Keisaku HIGASHIDA (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Discussant:Morihiro YOMOGIDA (Sofia University)

session B International Trade (Empirics)

Chair: Junko SHIMIZU (Gakushuin Univresity)

Room L604
B-1 A cross-industrial analysis on task content of trade
Presenter:Sawako MARUYAMA (Kindai University)
Discussant:Akira SASAHARA (Keio University)
B-2 Trade Liberalization and Internal Migration in Indonesia
Presenter:Hisamitsu SAITO (Hokkaido University)
Discussant:Kozo KIYOTA (Keio University)
B-3 Was there a structural break in the impacts of exchange rates on Japanese export prices? The case of machinery exports of Japan to the US
Presenter:SaangJoon BAAK (Waseda University)
Discussant:Junko SHIMIZU (Gakushuin Univresity)

Section C English Session: International Trade (Empirics)-1

Chair:Hiroshi MUKUNOKI (Gakushuin University)

Room L609
C-1 Local Export Spillovers Within and Between Industries in Japan
Presenter:Keisuke KONDO(Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry)
Discussant:Banri ITO (Aoyama Gakuin University)
C-2 Generalizable Precedents at the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization: An Empirical Examination of the Busch-Pelc Conjecture
Presenter:Kazutaka TAKECHI (Hosei University)
Discussant:Hiroshi MUKUNOKI (Gakushuin University)
C-3 Structural changes in the global value chain over 60 years: Analysis of the length and position in GVCs
Presenter:Kenji SUGANUMA (SOMPO Institute Plus)
Discussant:Tomohiko INUI (Gakushuin University)

Section D English Session: International Trade (Empirics) - 2

Chair:Toshiyuki MATSUURA (Keio University)

Room L610
D-1 The Value of Trademarks: Micro Evidence from Chinese Exports to Africa
Presenter:Yusuke KUROISHI (Hitotsubashi University)
Discussant:Ayumu TANAKA (Aoyama Gakuin University)
D-2 Trade and war, revisited
Presenter:Tadashi ITO (Gakushuin University)
Discussant:Arata KUNO (Asia University)
D-3 Impact of E-commerce Agreements on Global Economy: A Dynamic CGE Analysis
Presenter:Ken ITAKURA (Nagoya City University)
Discussant:Nobuhiro HOSOE (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

※ (J): Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

  • Lunch(12:30~14:30)
  • Board Meeting(12:50~14:00)Room:L607


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The 13th Spring Meeting of The JSIE

Tohoku Gakuin University

June 1, 2024


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