October 23, Saturday

* (E) : Presentation in English, (J) : Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

★Morning Session
Concurrent Sessions/Pre-Organized Session (9:30-12:00) [Presentation 25min; Comments 15min; Replies and general discussions 10min]

Session 1 International Trade (Theory) I

Chair:Takumi NAITO (Waseda University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
A Simple Theory of Global Firms with Exporting-Importing Presenter:Tomohiro ARA (Fukushima University) (E)
Discussant:Taiji FURUSAWA (University of Tokyo)
Price Discrimination in Transport Industry and the Gains from Trade Presenter:Zheng HAN (University of Tokyo) [Recommended by: Taiji FURUSAWA (University of Tokyo)] (E)(J)
Discussant:Hitoshi SATO (IDE-JETRO)

Session 2 International Trade (Empirical Analysis) I

Chair:Hongyong ZHANG(RIETI)

Title Presenter/Discussant
Role in Global Value Chains and Firm Survival: Empirical Evidence from China Presenter:Qizhong YANG (Toyo University)
Discussant:Kensuke TESHIMA (Hitotsubashi University)
International Sourcing and Firm Performance: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Firms Presenter:Haoliang ZHU (Doshisha University) (E)(J)
Discussant:Hongyong ZHANG (RIETI)
The Impact of Trade on the Gender Wage Gap: A Model-Based Quantitative Investigation Presenter:Akira SASAHARA (Keio University) (E)
Discussant:Ryo MAKIOKA (RIETI)

Session 3 Regional Economic Integration

Chair:Hiroshi MUKUNOKI(Gakushuin Unibersity)

Title Presenter/Discussant
Digital Trade Rules under WTO/RTAs Presenter:Nobuto IWATA (Aoyama Gakuin University)
Discussant:Keiichi UMADA (Emeritus Professor of Kyorin University)
On the Spillover Creation and Diversion Effects of Regional Trade Agreements Presenter:Yukiko SAWADA (Ryukoku University)
Discussant:Masahiro ENDOH (Keio University)
Global Supply Chains and Mega-Regional Trade Agreements Presenter:Ken ITAKURA (Nagoya City University)
Discussant:Shujiro URATA (Emeritus Professor of Waseda University)

Session 4 Asian Economies

Chair:Hiroshi AKABANE (Asia University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
A Study of International Multipurpose Vehicle Strategy as a Foundation for Building Conviviality of Autonomy in Domestic Industries Presenter:Tadahiro TAKENO (Nagoya Institute of Technology) (J)
Discussant:Masahiko ITAKI (Ritsumeikan University)
A Study of the Effect of Asian Currencies to the Corporate Performance Presenter:Hiroshi AKABANE (Asia University)
Discussant:Sanae OHNO (Musashi University)
Current Status and Issues of Chinise Domestic Migrant Workers Presenter:Fuminori TAKAHASHI (Meiji Univesrity) (J)
Discussant:Yonghao ZHU (Fukushima University)

Session 5 【Pre-organized session】European Green Deals and EU Economy

Chair:Sadayoshi TAKAYA (Kansai University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
Linking the EU's New Industrial Policy with the New Trade Strategy - Towards the Open Strategic Autonomy Presenter:Yu HASUMI (Rikkyo University)
Discussant:Ken-ichi ANDO (Shizuoka University)
The Role of European Central Bank toward Climate Change Risks Presenter:Sadayoshi TAKAYA ( Kansai University)
Discussant:Kazuyoshi MATSUURA ( Matsuyama University)
EU's Renewable Energy Policies as a Precondition of Introducing the European Green Deal: From the Perspectives of Comparative Analysis of the EU and Japan Presenter:Haruhiko DOHMAN (Kanagawa University)
Discussant:Yoh YASUDA (Kyoto University)
  • Lunch 12:00-13:30
  • Board Meeting 12:10-13:10
  • Poster Session 12:10-13:20

Session 6 Poster Session

Title Presenter
Incorporation of Crypto Assets and Digital Currencies into International Financial Education Takeshi OGAWA (Senshu University)
Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in Sudden Stop Economies Akihiko IKEDA (Kyoto Sangyo University)
An Empirical Study of Centrality in Production Networks and International Technology Diffusion Rinki ITO (Kyoto University) [Recommended by: Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)]
Strategic Foreign Direct Investment, Privatization, and North-South Trade Jinshuo QU (Nagoya University) [Recommended by: Akihiko YANASE (Nagoya University)]
  • JSIE Award Ceremony  13:30-14:30

The 16th Kojima Kiyoshi Prize Award

Infrastructure and International Trade Theory

Akihiko YANASE (Nagoya University)

★Afternoon Session 14:40-18:10
[Presentation 30min; Comments 15min; Replies 5min (for each presentation) and Floor discussions 50min after 10min break]

Plenary Session

World Economic Regime under the Era of Post-Covid-19 and the Decoupling of the US and China: Will Globalization be Reversed?

Chairs:Keiko ITO (Chuo University) Kimihito SAKURAI (Rikkyo University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
U.S.-China Competition and U.S. Trade Policy: Understanding U.S.-China Decoupling Presenter:Takeyasu FUJIKI (Wakayama University)
Discussant:Hiroyuki MATSUMURA (Okayama University of Science)
Revising China's Foreign Economic Strategy in the U.S.-China Rivalry Presenter:Hideo OHASHI (Senshu University)
Discussant:Haidong ZHENG (Fukui Prefectural University)
A risk analysis on geographical concentration of global supply chains Presenter:Satoshi INOMATA (IDE-JETRO)
Discussant:Mitsuyo ANDO (Keio University)

★Online Reception at (18:10-20:10)


The 80th Annual Meeting of the JSIE

Graduate School of Economics
University of Tokyo

October 23-24, 2021


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Program Committee

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