Afternoon Sessions (14:30-17:00)

[Presentation: 25min; Comments; 15min,and Replies and General Discussion; 10min]

The program (PDF)

Session E International trade(Empirical research)2

Chair:Keiko Ito(Chiba University)

E-1Export Experience and the Choice of Invoice Currency: Evidence from Questionnaire Survey for Japanese SMEs
Presenter:Taiyo Yoshimi(Chuo University)
Discussant:Junko Shimizu(Gakushuin University)
E-2Developing A Baseline for a Global CGE Model with 47 Prefectures in Japan
Presenter:Ken Itakura(Nagoya City University)
Discussant:Kazuhiko Oyamada(IDE-JETRO)
E-3A long-run transition of Japan’s internal value chains
Presenter:Akira Sasahara(Keio University)
Discussant:Kiyoyasu Tanaka(IDE-JETRO)

Session F Developing economies

Chair:Tatsufumi Yamagata(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)

F-1From Battlefield to Marketplace: Connectivity, Industrialization, and Spatial Convergence in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region
Presenter:Yasuyuki Sawada(Tokyo University)
Discussant:Yasuyuki Todo(Waseda University)
F-2Heterogeneity of impact on national income from participating in the global value chain
Presenter:Jiarui Liu(Kobe University, Graduate School of Economics)
Reference:Masahiko Yoshii(Kobe University)
Discussant:Ikuo Kuroiwa(University of Niigata Prefecture)
F-3Who feeds Sub-Saharan Africa? The past, present and future of its cereal import
Presenter:Yasuhiko Seo(Chiba University)
Discussant:Atsushi Yoshida(Toyo University)

Session G English session: International trade, FDI and MNEs 2

Chair:Tomohiko Inui(Gakushuin University)

G-1Adjustments of Multinational's Production Activities in Response to the US-Sino Trade War: Evidence from Japanese affiliate-level data
Presenter:Licheng Liang(Graduate student, Keio University)
Reference:Toshiyuki Matsuura(Keio University)
Discussant:Bin NI(Hosei University)
G-2Supply Chain Dynamics and Resilience of the Economy During a Crisis
Presenter:Takafumi Kawakubo(LSE)
Discussant:Daisuke Fujii(Tokyo University)
G-3Agreements on product standards in a three-country model of international oligopoly
Presenter:Lin Yaqiong(Graduate student, Nagoya University)
Reference:Akihiko Yanase (Nagoya University)
Discussant:Yasuhiro Takarada(Nanzan University)

Session H Prospects for International Economics

Chair:Yomogida Morihiro(Sophia University)

H-1Beyond Globalism and Nationalism;Considering the existence conditions of Theoretical Economics from the continental Economy
Presenter:Shigeru Suenaga(Institute for international trade and investment)(J)
Discussant:Toshikazu Yamakawa(Osaka Sangyo University)
H-2China's TPP application and Asia Pacific
Presenter:Tomoyoshi Nakajima(The Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia)
Discussant:Kim Bong Gil(Toyama University)
H-3Development of exercises to learn the gist of the new trade theory without using differentiation and integration
Presenter:Takeshi Ogawa(Senshu University)
Discussant:Hayato Kato(Osaka University)

*(E): Presentation in English

*(J): Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

  • Online Reception17:00-
    (about 1 hour, using Zoom meeting session in breakout session E)


University of Kochi

The 11th Spring Meeting of The JSIE

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June 4, 2022


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