October 1, Saturday

(J):Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

★Morning Session Concurrent Sessions(9:50-11:30) [Presentation 25min; Comments 15min; Replies and general discussions 10min]

Session 1 International Trade (Theory) ①

Chair:Jota ISHIKAWA(Gakushuin University)/Vice Chair:Takashi Shibata (Osaka University of Commerce)

Title Presenter/Discussant
Tariff policies with firm heterogeneity and variable markupsPapers Presenter:Atsushi TADOKORO(Kyoto University)
Discussant:Tomohiro ARA(Fukushima University)
The effects of R&D subsidies for joint R&D in a vertically related industry Presenter:Yoshitaka KAWAGOSHI(Kyoto Sangyo University)
Discussant:Yoshimasa KOMORIYA(Chuo University)

Session 2 English Session: Foreign Direct Investment

Chair:Hyeog Ug KWON(Nihon University)/Vice Chair:Keisaku Higashida (Kwansei Gakuin University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
The proximity-concentration tradeoff in the presence of downside risk Presenter:Navruz KHOTAMOV(Kyoto University)(J)
[Recommended by:Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)]
Discussant:Konstantin KUCHERAVYY(University of Tokyo)
Does outward foreign direct investment improve the performance of domestic firms? Case of KoreaPapers Presenter:Sunghyun KIM(Sungkyunkwan University)
Discussant:Fukunari KIMURA(Keio University)

Session 3 English Session: Regional Integration

Chair:Mitsuyo ANDO(Keio University)/Vice Chair:Takeshi Hoshikawa (Kindai University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
The UK-Korea and UK-Japan trade: developments and impacts of FTAs in light of Brexit Presenter:Agata WIERZBOWSKA(Kobe University)
Discussant:Kiyomi SUZUI(Kyoto Sangyo University)
Global value chains and the determinants of regional trade agreements Presenter:Haoliang ZHU(Doshisha University) (J)
Discussant:Kenta YAMANOUCHI(Kagawa University)

Session 4 Global Value Chain

Chair:Takamune FUJII(Takasaki City University of Economics)/Vice Chair:Sawako Maruyama (Kindai University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
Firm’s fixed investment and global value chain position: Evidence from China’s value-added tax reform Presenter:Qizhong YANG(Toyo University)
Discussant:Ayako OBASHI(Aoyama Gakuin University)
Digitization and the automotive industry-in relation to CASE and MaaS- Presenter:Osamu ISHIDA(Kyushu University)
Discussant:Tadahiro TAKENO(Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Session 5 Asian Economies ①

Chair:Ryoichi TANAKA(Komazawa University)/Vice Chair:Taichi Tabuchi (Doshisya University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
A study of normalization of US monetary policy and Japanese Yen exchange rate -Yen dollar rate and against Asian currency Presenter:Hiroshi AKABANE(Asia University)
Discussant:Kentaro IWATSUBO(Kobe University)
  • Lunch  11:30-13:20
  • Board Meeting 11:40-12:40
  • Member Congress 13:20-13:50
  • JSIE Award Ceremony 14:00-15:00

The 17th Kojima Kiyoshi Prize Award

Empirical studies on the internationalization and performance of Japanese firmsslide

Keiko ITO (Chiba University)

★Afternoon Session Plenary Session (15:10-18:40) [Presentation 30min; Comments 15min; Replies 5min (for each presentation) and Floor discussions 50min after 10min break]

Plenary Session International economy and risks related to the environment, resources, and disasters

Chair:Jota ISHIKAWA(Gakushuin University),Tatsufumi YAMAGATA (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
Vice Chair:Fuminori Ide (Kindai University),Taro Fukui (Kindai University)

Title Presenter/Discussant
Inclusive wealth, covid 19, and international trade Presenter:Shunsuke MANAGI(Kyushu University)
Discussant:Noritsugu NAKANISHI(Kobe University)
Border carbon adjustment: Theory and Institutions Presenter:Morihiro YOMOGIDA(Sophia University)
Discussant:Ayako OBASHI(Aoyama Gakuin University)
Risk and its management in the agricultural and food industries in emerging economies: The case of Brazil Presenter:Sayaka SANO(Ritsumeikan University)
Discussant:Etsuyo MICHIDA(Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO)


The 81st Annual Meeting of the JSIE

Faculty of Economics,
Kindai University

October 1-2, 2022


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  • Address :
    Fuminori IDE
    Faculty of Business Administration,
    3-4-1 Kowakae, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 577-8502, Japan

Local Organizers

  • Fuminori IDE, Chief
    (Kindai University)
  • Taro FUKUI
    (Kindai University)
  • Sawako MARUYAMA
    (Kindai University)
  • Takeshi HOSHIKAWA
    (Kindai University)
  • Tadashi MORITA
    (kindai University)

Program Committee

  • Keisaku HIGASHIDA, Chief
    (Kwansei Gakuin University)
  • Masahiko ITAKI
    (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Yukiko ITO
    (Tsuda University)
  • Sanae OHNO
    (Musashi University)
  • Kozo KIYOTA
    (Keio University)
  • Kazutaka TAKECHI
    (Hosei University)
  • Hiroyuki NISHIYAMA
    (University of Hyogo)
  • Taro FUKUI
    (Kindai University)
  • Yuichi FURUKAWA
    (Chuo University)