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委員長 井上 博
事務局長 石井 雄二
プログラム委員長 伊田 昌弘

The 5th Spring Meeting of JSIE, Program (Afternoon)

Board Meeting  (12:45~13:45)
Conference room 1A, 1st Building 4th floor
Special Presentation
Moderator:Noritsugu NAKANISHI
(Vice President of JSIE : Kobe University)
Room:123 1st Building 2nd floor   Presentation: 40min; Replies and general discussions: 20min
  Strategy of Japanese companies in the "Asia towards the aging"
- International positioning of Japanese companies
  Presenter : Kenichi YASUMURO
(President of Japan Academy of International Business Studies:
 Osaka University of Commerce)
Afternoon Sessions (15:20~17:50)
Presentation: 30min; Comments: 10min; Replies and general discussions: 10min
Session D Empirical Studies of Movement Factors with theory Chair:Shoji HARUNA (Okayama University))
Room : 831 8th Building 3rd floor
D-1 Multi-dimensional skills and mismatches in labor market: implications on international trade and wage
    Presenter Chihiro INABA(Kobe university, Graduate school of economics, Research fellow)
    Discussant Yoshifumi KON (Kyushu Sangyo University)
D-2 Lifetime employment and a mixed duopoly with a foreign labour-managed firm
    Presenter Kazuhiro OHNISHI (Ph.D., Osaka University)
    Discussant Yoshifumi OHKAWA (Kyoto Sangyo University)
D-3 International R&D Transfer and Technology Absorption
    Presenter Tatsuyoshi MIYAKOSHI(Hosei University)
    Discussant Takayuki TSURUGA(Kyoto Univetsity)
Session E The business in emerging countries Chair:Osamu ISHIDA (Kyushu University)
Room : 832 8th Building 3rd floor
E-1 Discussion and future challenges of CSR activities in rural economic development of developing countries
    Presenter Jamadar NASEER (Kanazawa Seiryo University)
    Discussant Nobuhiro TAKAHASHI (Osaka City University)
E-2 The value chain analysis in smartphone
    Presenter CHENG PEIJIA  (Doshisha University)(G)
    Discussant Osamu ISHIDA  (Kyushu University)
E-3 Impact on Vietnam strategy and Vietnam economy by Samsung Group
    Presenter Dinh Thang BUI(Saga university)(G)
    Discussant Azusa FUJIMORI(Osaka Seikei University)
Session F Experimental Studies with the international economic theory Chair:Kenzo HIROSE (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Room : 833 8th Building 3rd floor
F-1 (E)How Effcient are Investment Promotion Agencies? Evidence from China
    Presenter Bin Ni (Osaka University)(G)
    Discussant Fukunari KIMURA  (Keio University)
F-2 Dynamics of the Comparative Advantage Structure and its Differences between Goods and Services
    Presenter Makoto HISANAGA  (Hokkaido University)
    Discussant Kozo KIYOTA  (Keio University)
F-3 Expansion of international capital mobility and F-H puzzle
    Presenter Hideaki OHTA  (Ritsumeikan University)
    Discussant Takeshi HOSHIKAWA   (Kindai University)
Banquet (18:00~19:30)
3rd Building 1st floor at Hannan University Co-op cafeteria

*(E): Presentation in English
*(G): Graduate Student