Program Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon Sessions (14:30-17:00) : Online Sessions
[Presentation: 25min; Comments; 15min,and Replies and Further Discussion; 10min]
Each presentation of Afternoon Sessions are in Japanese

You can download the full program(PDF)

Session D International finance/COVID19 Chair: Shingo Iokibe (Doshisha University)

D-1 Making Teaching Tools of Insurances with Foreign Currency for International Finance to Understand Moving Risk of Nominal Exchange Rate
Presenter: Takeshi OGAWA (Senshu University)
Discussant: Kenya TAKAKU (Hiroshima City University)
D-2 ECBʼs Policy Normalization with the EMUʼs Consolidated Government
Presenter: Hirotaka SUZUKI (Freelance/ Graduate of Graduate School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka)
Discussant: Masato NAKAO (Chiba University of Commerce)
D-3 International panel analyses of COVID-19 countermeasures; Short-term impacts on economic activities, cases and mortality
Presenter: Takashi KIHARA(Dokkyo University)
Discussant: Sadao Nagaoka (Tokyo Keizai University)

Session E China and World Economy Chair: Haidong Zheng (Fukui Prefectural University)

E-1 The Impact of Trade Liberalization and Foreign Direct Investment on Regional Disparity in China
Presenter: Tianyi JI (Nagoya University, Graduate School of Economics Doctoral Program)
Reference: Akihiko Yanase (Nagoya University)
Discussant: Shao, Yong Yu (Mizuho Bank)
E-2 The Resurgence of Mediterranean Trade?, Belt and Road Initiative and Reswitch of Trade Route in Europe.
Presenter: Masahiro MATSUO (J. F. Oberlin University)
Discussant: Toshiyuki Aruga (Osaka City University)
E-3 Services Trade and Global Value Chains: A Comparative Study of Manufacturing Related Services GVCs between Japan, U.S. and China
Presenter: Hiromu INOUE (Hannan University)
Discussant: Taichi Tamura (Ryutsu Keizai University)

Session F Trade Theory Chair: Yasuhiro Takarada (Nanzan University)

F-1 Subsidy and Lobbying under International Competition in Mixed Duopoly
Presenter: Mitsuhiro IINO (University of Shizuoka)
Discussant: Minoru Kunizaki (Aichi University)
F-2 Circular economy in cities: Economic theory of decoupling economic development from the waste
Presenter: Kenichi KURITA (Kyushu University)(J)
Discussant: Yoshifumi Kon (Utsunomiya Kyowa University)
F-3 Capital Allocation and Wealth Distribution in a Global Economy with Financial Frictions
Presenter: Yunfang HU (Kobe University)
Discussant: Quoc Hung Nguyen (University of Hyogo)

Session G Empirical Studies of International Trade Chair: Mitsuyo ANDO (Keio University)

G-1 Incorporating Aichi Prefecture into a Global CGE Model
Presenter: Tomohiro IWAMOTO (Graduate school of economics, Nagoya city University)(J)
Discussant: Shiro TAKEDA (Kyoto Sangyo University)
G-2 Forming High Value-added (HVA) Product Import Markets by Income Inequality: Polarized Domestic Consumption within a Product
Presenter: Tatsushi WARAGAI (Ritsumeikan University)(J)
Discussant: Osamu ISHIDA (Kyushu University)
G-3 Foreign Direct Investment and Quality Upgrading in Indonesian Manufacturing
Presenter: Hisamitsu SAITO (Hokkaido University)
Discussant: Kazunobu Hayakawa (IDE-JETRO)

*(E): Presentation in English

*(J): Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

Virtual Reception (Zoom Meeting)

17:15~(about 1hour)


Nagoya Gakuin University

The 10th Spring Meeting of The JSIE

Nagoya Campus, Nagoya Gakuin University
June 5, 2021


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