Program (Day2)

* (E) : Presentation in English, (J) : Presentation as part of the presenter's job search

■Morning Session: 9:30 ~ 12:00 Concurrent Sessions at Lecture Hall C

Session 7: Economic integration & Trade liberalization

Chair: Ichiroh DAITOH (Keio University)

Room: C-102
Title Presenter/Discussant
Trade Liberalization, Firm Heterogeneity, and the Optimal Emission Taxes Presenter: Yasuhiro GINTANI (Kanto Gakuin University)
Discussant: Morihiro YOMOGIDA (Sophia University)
Does Deep Economic Integration Facilitate International Research Collaboration? Presenter: Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)
Discussant: Banri ITO (Aoyama Gakuin University)

Session 8: Empirical International Trade

Chair: Keiko ITO (Chuo University)

Room: C-103
Title Presenter/Discussant
Does Yuan Appreciation Weaken the Increase in Exporters due to Trade Liberalization? Evidence from Chinese Firm-Product Data Presenter: Yoshihiro KUROKAWA (University of Tsukuba) -The Oda Prize winner-
Discussant: Isao KAMATA (University of Niigata Prefecture)
Globalization and Income Inequality in Latin America: A Review of Theoretical Developments and Recent Evidence Presenter: Yoshimichi MURAKAMI (Kobe University)
Discussant: Yoshifumi OKAWA (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Markups, City Size, and Exports: Evidence from Japan Presenter: Keisuke KONDO (RIETI)
Discussant: Toshiyuki MATSUURA (Keio University)

Session 9: [Pre-Organized Session] Globalization and Local Economies

Chair: Hiroyuki MATSUMURA (Okayama University of Science)

Room: C-202
Title Presenter/Discussant
Developments in Overseas Expansion by Japanese Sake Breweries in Hida and Sinshu Presenter: Fuminori IDE (Kindai University)
Discussant: Tsukasa CHIBA (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
A Study of Goods and Services Trade in Regional Economy and Inter-regional Economic Circulation Presenter: Daisuke KOYAMA (University of Miyazaki) (J)
Discussant: Toshiaki HOSOI (Kochi Junior College)
A Study of Logistics Problem in Local Economy: Case of San-in Region
Presenter: Hidetoshi WATANABE (Shimane University)
Discussant: Kazuyuki IWASA (Kochi University)

Session 10: Asian Economy 2

Chair: Hitoshi HIRAKAWA ( Kokushikan University)

Room: C-203
Title Presenter/Discussant
Foreign Exchange Risk Management for Asian Currencies Presenter: Hiroshi AKABANE (Asia University)
Discussant: Yozo NISHIMURA (Ritsumeikan University)
An Empirical Analysis on Return to Language Skills among Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand Presenter: Koji KUBO (IDE-JETRO)
Discussant: Hisatoshi HOKEN (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Sustainability of Public Debt in Vietnam Presenter: Thao Thi Phuong PHAM (Ritsumeikan University) (E)
(Recommender: Hideaki OHTA (Ritsumeikan University))
Discussant: Takashi Kihara (Dokkyo University)

Session 11: [Pre-Organized Session] Perspectives on European Financial Markets after Euro Crisis and European Financial Union

Chair: Sadayoshi TAKAYA (Kansai University)

Room: C-204
Title Presenter/Discussant
Changing Functions of City and European Financial Markets Presenter: Kenichiro YOSHIDA (Mizuho Research Institute)
Discussant: Sadayoshi TAKAYA (Kansai University)
A Perspective on European Banking Union: latest developments and remaining challenges Presenter: Eva HANADA (Kobe University)
Discussant: Ryouichi TANAKA (Komazawa University)
Reforms of Banking by European Financial Union Presenter: Yuji KAWANO (Toyo University)
Discussant: Kaoru HOSHINO (Ritsumeikan University)

Session 12: [Pre-Organized Session] Paradigm change on Energy sector: Future Balances of Usage of Fossil energy and Renewable energy and World Future Trends

Chair: Reiji TAKEISHI (Tokyo International University)

Room: C-205
Title Presenter/Discussant
Energy Supply Scenarios and Those Evaluation Presenter: Reiji TAKEISHI (Tokyo International University)
Discussant: Yasuhiko SEO (Chiba University)
China’s Energy Policy Presenter: GUO Sizhi (Teikyo University)
Discussant: Yu HASUMI (Rikkyo University)
The Petroleum Policy in Middle East Oil-producing Countries and Evaluation Presenter: Hajime KAMIYAMA (Kushiro Public University of Economics)
Discussant: Takeru HOSOI (Kokugakuin University)
  • Lunch  12:00 ~ 13:00
  • Board Meeting (B-102)  12:00 ~ 13:00
  • Member Meeting (B101)  13:10 ~ 13:40

■Afternoon Session: 13:50 ~ 16:20 Concurrent Sessions at Lecture Hall C

Session 13: Environment, Resources, and Energy

Chair: Yasuhiro TAKARADA ( Nanzan University)

Room: C-102
Title Presenter/Discussant
Effects of Emission Standards: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector Presenter: Manabu FURUTA (Aichi Gakuin University) (E)
Discussant: Kazunobu HAYAKAWA (IDE-JETRO)
Environmental Policy in Global Value Chain Presenter: Hayato KATO (Keio University) (E)
Discussant: Ayako OBASHI (Aoyama Gakuin University)

Session 14 International Trade 2

Chair: Akihiko YANASE (Nagoya University)

Room: C-103
Title Presenter/Discussant
Heterogeneous Impact of Import Competition on Firm Organization: Evidence from Japanese firm-establishment matched data set Presenter: Toshiyuki MATSUURA (Keio University) -The Oda Prize winner-
Discussant: Tadashi ITO (Gakushuin University)
Is Competition in Transport Sector Bad? Presenter: Kazuhiro TAKAUCHI (Kansai University)
Discussant: Makoto OKAMURA (Gakushuin University)
North-South Trade and Uneven Development in a Classical Growth Model Presenter: Hiroaki SASAKI (Kyoto University)
Discussant: Shigehiro NARUSE (Kanagawa University)

Session 15 International Trade 3

Chair: Satoshi INOMATA (IDE-JETRO)

Room: C-202
Title Presenter/Discussant
Value-Added Trade and a Determinant of Comparative Advantage Presenter: Naoki SHIMOI (Tama University)
Discussant: Kiyoshi FUJIKAWA (Nagoya University)
The Structure of the World Economy on the Basis of von Neumann’s Price and Quantity Systems and Their Duality Presenter: Masahiko ITAKI (Ritsumeikan University)
Discussant: Hideo SATO (Tohoku University)
Patent Laws and Innovation in the Global Firm Presenter: Yoko Sakamoto (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
-The Kojima Kiyoshi Best Paper Award winner-
Discussant: Naoto JINJI (Kyoto University)

Session 16 American and European Economies

Chair: Shugo ONOE (Seinan Gakuin University)

Room: C-203
Title Presenter/Discussant
ECB’s Policy Normalization and Euro Area Fiscal Risk-Sharing Presenter: Hirotaka SUZUKI (Freelance)
Discussant: Yuji Kawano (Toyo University)
Discussions for Policies after Brexit in the UK in the area of agriculture, food and related trade, and analyses of impacts on productivity and business structure Presenter: Tomoyuki KUWAHARADA (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
Discussant: Chisato SHIBAYAMA (Otaru University of Commerce)